The Euro-Inf Quality Label

Benefits of the Euro-Inf Quality Label

The Euro-Inf framework and accreditation system provides a set of standards that identifies high quality informatics and computer science degree programmes in Europe and abroad.

The Euro-Inf system incorporates the views and perspectives of the main stakeholders (students, higher education institutions, employers, professional organisations and accreditation agencies).


What are the benefits of Euro-Inf?

The Euro-Inf system is internationally recognised and facilitates both academic and professional mobility.

Benefits for Higher Education Institutions

  • Additional certificate of quality
  • Means of promotion: programme meets academic and professional standards
  • Benchmarking against other programmes
  • Reliable information on quality of Bachelor programme for admission to Master programmes
  • Incentive for students to choose programme

Benefits for Students

  • Assurance that programme meets high international standards
  • Easier access to Euro-Inf Master programmes
  • Additional quality label recognized by employers Europe-wide
  • International recognition of degree meeting professional standards

Benefits for Employers

  • Applicants knowledge and competences meet international standards
  • Reliable information about quality of degree programme without knowing its details
  • Not only academic standards checked but also relevance for the profession